About the Program

Ayeka's Becoming a Soulful Parent

Ayeka’s Becoming a Soulful Parent is a movement of parents interested in using Jewish wisdom as a guide to shed new light on their role as parents. We offer 3-6 week courses on topics ranging from “Sibling Rivalry: A Soulful Reframe” to “Embracing Chaos and Cultivating Presence in your family life” and “Becoming a Soulful Couple,” and train facilitators in local communities who then gather groups of friends together to engage in meaningful conversations and community building. Drawing on Ayeka’s signature Soulful Education methodology, the Becoming a Soulful Parent program aims to change the conversation around parenting. At the core of each conversation is a new consciousness: that our children are not projects to manage. Instead, each child has a soul and a unique role to play in the world. Parents complete the Becoming a Soulful Parent program feeling inspired, open and empowered to bring more presence, calm and love to their families.
About the Program

What's included in the library?

Your one-stop-shop as a BSP facilitator

  • Source sheets

    What you provide to the learners in your group.

  • "Backstage"

    Your facilitator guides with suggested transitions, discussion questions, chevruta questions and more.

  • Videos

    2-minute opening videos with expositions to the sessions from Dasee.

  • Feedback

    Don't forget to leave feedback on each session you use via the online form. We build on your comments and make changes to the program in real time.

  • Connect

    Connect with other BSP facilitators using the discussion forums that are available to you with each session.

  • Additional resources

    Handy resources, like suggested transition exercises.

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