I am finding the questions, writing & sharing invaluable in helping me develop consciousness about how I show up in the world related to others, myself & God.

- Becoming a Soulful Individual learner

How do I use Becoming a Soulful Individual?

We've collected lots of great material here in this free online archive. Now all you have to do is make it happen!

  • Choose a learning partner. Friend? Family member? Colleague? Up to you!

  • Set the time and place. Coffee shop? Your living room? Your office?

  • Select a session from our wide range of material.

  • Print out the session PDF or our BSI workbook if you'd like to keep track of progress over multiple sessions.

  • Ready, set, learn!

Each session includes

  • Commentary

    A short written reflection to start the session that you can read together with your learning partner(s).

  • Additional Text Sources

    For those who'd like to add some (optional) Jewish text background to the mix.

  • Writing Prompts

    2-4 guided questions which trigger personal reflection. Don't forget to bring a pen: the process works better when you write down your answers.

  • Feedback

    3 short questions to share with us what you liked and your suggestions for improvement.

Here to help

Leora Niderberg, BSI Project Coordinator

We are here to answer your questions about using this awesome resource and committed to empowering our community of individual learners in every possible way. Leora, our BSI project coordinator (architecture student by day) is shown here with a cup of delectable hot chocolate and a sketchbook, her favorite scenario :)
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